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The Membership Booklet is no longer posted online on the website.  If you have misplaced the copy that was emailed to each member, please contact one of the board members (see Home page for email addresses).


Boat US Membership

The Navy Yacht Club Everett is a Cooperating Group member of BoatU.S.  Our group number is: GA84301Y.  As a Cooperating Group, all NYCE members are entitled to a full membership in BoatU.S. for a 50% discount - $12.50 vs. the regu­lar $25 annual dues ($15 for our members in Canada — regularly $30). BoatU.S. Member benefits include Rewards at BoatU.S. and West Marine stores; dis­counts at marinas on fuel, repairs, and overnight slips; the nation’s largest on-the-water Towing fleet; marine insurance from boating experts; BoatU.S. Magazine, and much more.


Name Tags & Photos

Name Tags
Need to order new name tags?  Click HERE, print out order form and send completed form and check.





YOU can be a Cruise Captain! See how....

Cruise Captain
Anyone can be a Cruise Captain.  This is a volunteer position needed to head up each monthly cruise and some on base events.  It is lots of fun and limited only by your time and creativity.  Click on the link below for a detailed description of what it means to be a cruise captain.
If you have any questions, or want to volunteer to be a Cruise Captain, contact the current Fleet Captain - link on home page.